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Save a Paw with Love 🐾

Save a Paw with Love, narrates a story of an inspiring woman’s passion and love for injured, abused and abandoned animals. Despite showering humanity with undying love, affection and gratitude most of these faithful companions are abandoned by their owners.

Save a Paw with Love is a ‘NO KILL’ shelter run by Shivanthi Sansoni nee Silva (an active animal rights activist), Neluka Rodrigo and cohort, who embarked on a daunting journey with the sole intention of rescuing stray dogs who endure daily suffering in Sri Lanka.

Shivanthi, who currently serves as the forefront figure and manages three shelters island wide bears the onus of nurturing, caring and rehabilitating the animals residing at the centres until they are re-homed with kind souls. The three shelters are based in Ja-ela, Paddukka and Horana respectively, which cater to over 100 stray dogs who are from all over the country

Shivanthi’s story began when she was overseas, being the gentle minded lady that she is, she managed to care for 28 dogs even then when many of us struggle to adopt even one while residing overseas. She speaks of the incident, which took place In January last year involving Charlie, the innocent Labrador who was set on fire while in a cage by trespassers at a house in Negombo.

Her expressions were transfixed while she spoke of Charlie clearly witnessing much more of the horror than that was reported via the media. “This incident was what prompted Save A Paw with Love to go mainstream,” says she. Despite her reaction, she generously invited all to come by the shelters and spend some time with these dogs.

The rescue team and the management have conducted tireless rescues in order to ensure the wellbeing of these innocent dogs. One of their greatest achievements were sitting at a meeting, along with other Animal Rights & Welfare societies to ensure the passing of the ‘Animal Welfare Bill’ by then Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The Rescue Process

Currently, ‘Save a Paw with Love’ employees three-full time drivers who are deployed

Promptly at any time of the day upon request.

Once the animals are collected, they then are taken to either Royal Vet in Maharagama or Dr Vet in Kadawatha, for treatment.

At the clinic the animals are subjected to an initial screening process, which involves taking a full blood count, checking for pathogens/parasites and screening for internal issues. Afterwards X-Rays and scans come into play. Finally based on the reports the animals are subjected to vaccinations.

According to Shivanthi the dogs are taken to the shelter once they reach a stable condition, where they remain till they are adopted.” The critical cases are given special attention and most do recover with the right treatment” says she

Save a Paw with Love

Save a Paw with Love

Save a Paw with Love

Their love for dogs doesn’t end there. The shelter currently feeds 150 street dogs living between Ragama and Ja-ela. Their typical meals consist of rice, dhal, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and of course some chicken.

Managing such a large number of dogs requires a substantial amount of funding and manpower, which generally is catered to mostly by the supporters. Shivanthi and her family also fund the project in order to ensure things run smoothly. However, despite the insurmountable daily struggle and the increase in numbers, which prove challenging to Save a Paw with Love have been able to remain on top.

But they still require our help!!!

Please donate whatever you can as it may either feed or save a life.

What to do when a sick/dying dog is in sight

“When you see a dog in need or dying please given them some water, give them some food or if possible, take them home to provide shelter till animal rescue groups arrive. Please don’t just leave the animal there to suffer. Every minute counts so reach out as soon as possible”

So, act swiftly and responsibly as all animals have a right to live and perhaps, they may leave a mark on you.

Shivanthi Sansoni is the Co-Founder of ‘Save a Paw with Love’ an active Animal Welfare society. She currently operates 03 shelters and a probono rescue transport service

Please visit 🐾 for more updates.

Please donate: SSA DE SILVA A/C no 8810046045, Commercial Bank, Ja-ela, Sri Lanka

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