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Katcha: Back to Business

Back to Business

In Winter of 2017, the Australian music sensation Katcha released a little marvel titled “Let Me Love You”, a contemporary song, which spoke volumes of those whom we see on a daily basis who live by other’s expectations.

A powerful song composed of Indie beats complemented with the outback visual setting, was simply incredible. Since then the duo has been working on a means of revamping the track

According to Chaminda (Cha) the track was inspired by Organic instruments with rich ethnic history such as the Sithar and Tabla, while contemporary sounds such as Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Asian Melody sounds, Keys, Piano, Percussion, Strings, Synth and World effects were used to give the track more balance. Resulting in a masterpiece.

The deep lyrics carried a societal message. “Live your life’s purpose and not the expectation of others”. A message aimed at anyone who struggles whether it be in love, when at work, when faced with peer pressure or during any other circumstance where standing on their ‘feet’ may seem an insurmountable task. “Love isn’t a thought it is something you ‘FEEL’. When you give love and receive love, you are truly in the moment. Only love is real” Say both Kat and Cha.

There was no shortage of mind-bending musical conversations in 2017 when Katcha conquered the top slot of “Home Grown Charts”, a Sri Lankan radio show hosted by a prominent radio station in the country. This was one of the rare sights where an international band topped the local music industry.

Fast forward to the current year, the duo have launched a remixed version of “Let Me Love You” with the collaborative efforts of Nishantha (Nisho) Fernando and Chanaka (Chunky) Abeyratne, both old Thomians and college mates of Cha. Nishantha and Chanaka formerly part of Stigmata and Soul Skinner are a Sri Lankan musical duo themselves who perform as ‘Nisho and Chun-key’.

There is an interesting back story to the remix and quite frankly it was all a spark of haphazardness. Cha narrates his version of the story “We were sending other tracks of other clients whom we have recorded for the boys (Nisho & Chunky) to listen to. They wanted to do a remix for some of our clients, however, when we attached all the links and sent via email – OUR YOUTUBE signature on our email was accidentally clicked by Chunky and then he said to Nisho ‘let’s do this one.’ Nisho at that time got very confused about what chunky was talking about, and then the rest is history …”

Katcha an award-winning Australian-Sri Lankan band that currently performs and resides in Sydney. If you’d like to get more insights on the duo, check out our article “Katcha Spills the Beans

Article by Lev Suriyaaratchy

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