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The amazingly inspirational Netflix documentaries will revolutionize your life

Some of us just can’t get enough of binge-watching or Netflixing, if ever there such a word. Some of us are guilty of overdoing it, going for every TV show recommended but hey, we can’t really blame anyone, can we?

Apart from those insanely addictive serials, we’d like to suggest a few documentaries, which may raise an eyebrow or two or heck, perhaps even change you during this lockdown season. Seriously it’ll blow your mind and open your eyes!

The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez 

Powerful, Heartbreaking, angering and at times difficult to watch. The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez delves into the life and unspeakable abuse that subsequently lead to the untimely death of eight-year-old Gabriel. This California based documentary primarily focuses on the abuse and the subsequent court hearing.

This true-crime documentary is an unfortunate result of a failed system in the United States and the expense it has on innocent children like Gabriel. The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez despite its gruesome synopsis is a much watch for all parents, guardians and adults to comprehend and shed light on what’s out there what national authorities are doing to prevent these types of atrocities in future.

I Am a Killer

A never before serial showcasing the hardships of life in American prisons and no, this is not like ‘Prison Break’ or any other commercial breakout TV series. This crime-based documentary takes us into the heart of cases of death row prisoners and the stories behind their convictions.

Each episode takes the audience on a ride into the upbringing, family life and events leading to the conviction of each inmate. This is something out of the norm and we strongly recommend this as a must-watch. 


The ‘Explained’ takes us into the secret world of cults and how people are lured into these ritualistic societies. Another aspect of this programme features on the recent digitized currency sensation ‘Bitcoin’ and how it has made billionaires in a fairly short span since its discovery. How about other topics such as what goes on in an animals mind? Explained has answered all of these and much more.

Aiming to dig deeper into topics, questions and ideas that aren’t part of the usual news, the programme is great at entertaining the curious mind in many ways that involve ‘weird and wonderful’


The food industry is one we’re all involved in either directly or indirectly despite which part of the world you belong to and what goes on behind the kitchen, manager’s office and the supplies room have all been disclosed in a relatively entertaining way and nothing is fabricated.

Netflix’s Rotten takes you behind the scenes of the problems in the process of the food supply chain, revealing unsavoury truths and little known facts that may have you questioning the dinner on your plate.


Cheerleading is no more about having popular, gorgeous girls strutting around the field with pom poms. Netflix takes us into an exciting fun-filled teenage college setting through Cheer. The series features competitive cheerleading at the nationally-ranked Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.

This season will keep you wishing you’d been at college during this season. It’s got some clichéd moments as well but hey, after all, it’s a college student show so, you’ve got to have some cherish-able moments.


This TV serial follows people living passionately in a world of minimalism created by those who disown and prefer to lead a material-less life. Beware this programme may change your perspectives on life. ‘less is more’ a principle and lifestyle adopted by the characters of the show while adding diversity into the episodes.

Be prepared to answer some challenging questions when your brain decides to reject the current materialistic lifestyle.

What the Health

What the health filmmaker Kip Anderson examines the distinctive link between diet and disease. His extensive research on the topic, which subsequently is the result of the programme has given us insights on what to consume and when etc. Controversially stating the benefits of plant-based, diet, which most poultarians dispute.

Produced by renowned actor Joaquin Phoenix, this film is super interesting and an eye-opening stance to the world of diet and health.

How to Prevent an Outbreak

How to Prevent an Outbreak is a six-part series which investigates the causes of a pandemic. The timing couldn’t be any better, could it? This serial focus on the medical sectors of the world and its effort to combat outbreaks.

This one’s a great watch while in self-isolation and a great education tool to better understand the universally affecting crisis of an uncontrolled virus.

Surviving R. Kelly 

The serial uncovers the sexual abuse allegations against the once famed Grammy award-winning artist. The story speaks of the power of unity as women all over the world united to ensure justice was served to those who were victimized.

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