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5 Essential Tips on Growing Houseplants: Greener on the Outside

As mentioned in fables, seeds are the mystical source of life. Since the dawn of humankind man and woman have worked tirelessly to cultivate ‘the ideal lifestyle’, which most certainly incorporates cultivating their own crops, setting up irrigation systems and harvesting in more lucrative ways and of course decorating their abodes’.

Seeds, a common way of propagating plans in abundance, as it is widely available throughout. It is also generally cost-effective and could be purchased in large numbers. The germination process is easy and could most certainly be done at home at your convenience. The real challenge is, however nurturing it though, as it requires constant care.

Seed planting depth

Did you know that a seed needs to be planted at a specific depth? According to writer and interior decorator Viknesh Ashley “a seed germinates best at locations where light is just about right, which means sunlight should obviously be present but it shouldn’t basically bake the seeds”. Most seeds he says come in packages with information on planting them however, if you do not receive any information then simply follow the ‘golden rule’. Firstly, consider planting a seed in a pot as it is easier to manage the soil and the water necessary for its survival. Secondly, plant the seed at least two to three times as deep in relation to its width. Finally, place the seed on top of the planting medium (soil) and push it into the soil ensuring that the seed is not fully buried.

Planting a large crop of seeds

“Commonly when considering adult plant images, you would usually be awed by adult plants that thrive in shrubs or planted close together creating a rich and lush appearance, however, one must remember that it is best to keep one seed to a pot when propagating, ensuring that each seed gets equal nutrients,” says Viknesh

When planting many seeds at once bear in mind that placing many in one pot may not be a good idea, as this will hinder the growth. This may sound confusing but fear not it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just remember this leave a few centimetres between each seed and you should be fine.

Watering with Care

Simply be a tad wary when watering plans, being too frugal or being overly generous could most certainly kill your precious plant. This factor is something a budding gardener should pay most concern to. The best way to go about with it is to keep the soil in which your seedlings are planted damp, but not soaked.

Consider investing in a watering pot as this regulates and delivers the exact amount required for a plant or a seed to grow. Also, ensure that the pots are equipped with proper drainage holes.

check the progress of your plant/s daily to ensure proper growth.

Introducing your plant to the great outdoors

‘Let nature take its toll’ a common phrase we hear on a daily basis. Well, it seems like that applies in this case as well. Let your plant decide when it wants to go out and don’t rush into letting it explore the great outdoors. This could be disastrous if not done at the right time, especially for young maturing seeds.

According to Viknesh, even though plants seem hardy, extra love and care during its starter stages can take them a long way. Post all the molly coddling that is. The seedling process could be ready to face the great outdoors, however, it is best for one not to shock a young plant with sudden harshness and without enough preparation.

What you can do instead is to introduce your growing plant to the outdoors unhurriedly. Take the joy in placing your seedlings outside your home for increased amounts of time daily for about a week or two depending on how sturdy your plant is, preparing them for the weather extremities that a seedling would have to experience in time to come.

Don’t give up. Persistence is key

Patience is key, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither would your plant end up all grown by the end of the day. Remember to pay attention to your cultivation and things should pan out according to plan.


Good luck and happy planting!

Viknesh Ashley is a popular Malaysian writer & occasional Interior Decorator.

He currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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