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7 ways to keep your home cool without an air conditioner


The excruciating heat surrounding the environment today is quite literally ‘unbearable’ for many. You lay transfixed as the penetrative Ultra Violet rays of the scorching sun touch your skin and sap the energy from your body.

A momentary rest under a tree or a form of shade, now no longer cools the body enough as it used to and to make matters worse, scientist and climatologists predict that the Earth’s temperature won’t be going anywhere but up.

Oh, brilliant, let’s take a moment to thank all the corporate moguls and their conglomerates for the wonderful achievement. I am sure Greta Thunberg would be proud right about now, hope you sense the sarcasm.

So, what’s causing the rapid increase in heat? Well, for starters remember the lessons we had for ‘Environment Studies’ in college? Well, turns out it’s more beneficial than we expected. The ozone layer, the transparent layer, which composed of ozone (O3) protects the Earth’s atmosphere from harmful rays and unfortunately, it’s been depleted to a point where it no longer could absorb the sun’s radiation as it did once. Subsequently, increasing the temperature of the Earth.

Despite the world around us ‘heating-up’ there are a couple clever ways to avoid the sun.

Work from the Outside In

Natural air conditioner

“The best way to ensure that the amount of heat absorbed by your residence is greatly reduced, is to start by installing an awning and placed above your windows to shade your home from the sun.” Says Viknesh Ashley, A fellow writer & an interior decorating enthusiast.

Consider adopting a natural approach, nothing cools the air like a good plant or two. Research shows that plant vines reduce temperature by deflecting direct sunlight that heats up exterior walls, resulting in the creation of a natural curtain effect.

‘Herein, let no heat pass through

Drapes, window films and curtains can truly help cut out the heat significantly, that’s why when drawing those curtains makes you breathe a tad easier. This should reduce your electricity bill a tad but don’t expect a massive reduction though.

Ventilation fans to the rescue

A brilliant little device found generally in ‘mamak stalls’ down the road and also in bathrooms in many houses around the world, helps by releasing trapped air that adds on stuffiness apart from the heat.

Consider installing one and it may effectively reduce the temperature by pushing out the hot air successfully.

Strategically installing fans

“If you find yourself randomly standing in your home at a certain spot pretty often, then this would be one of the strategic spots for you to fix a fan on the wall.” Says Viknesh

Fans in function simply circulate air, therefore, it actually makes sense for you to install small fans in hallways or near windows so that breeze is directed successfully throughout your home, leaving less room for heat to get trapped.

Regular maintenance & cleaning of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans tend to accumulate dust overtime, which acts as a barrier, regular servicing ensures even spreading of air when dispersed. Regular maintenance such as replacing fan blades and oiling can ensure proper mechanical function.

Use Ice effectively

Ice cubes are a cheap and effective way to ‘beat the heat’. It creates a momentary chilly feeling that leaves craving for more. Fill up a bowl with water and add some ice cubes to do the trick, place it in front of a fan for a rejuvenating breeze.

Ice ice baby!!!

Replace light bulbs

“Incandescent lights and IR LEDs waste a lot more energy as they produce heat in the form of infrared (IR) radiation.” Says Viknesh

IR radiation heats the enclosures and surroundings of incandescent bulbs as well as IR LEDs making them too hot to be touched.

Make the switch to compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs, that can both cool your home while also reducing your electricity bill substantially.

Viknesh Ashley is a popular Malaysian writer & occasional Interior Decorator.

He currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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