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Remaining Sane with Social Media Challenges

Many challenges have propped up over the internet over the last couple of weeks. Some quite amusing, while others are downright silly but all in all people tend to find ways to keep themselves entertained when monotony is on the rise.

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Screengrabs of various challenges on Instagram.Credit…via Zebra Iq

We’ve seen the likes of the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ way back in 2018, along with another widely popular challenge ‘Level Up’ and both are dance-based challenges that were designed by fans to keep everyone entertained while at home.

For those who crave for something a tad more intense and more physically engaging well, there’s the ‘Lift Your Entire Couch Challenge’ something that’ll surely break a sweat or two, this challenge might be beneficial in building some muscle as well. However, please be careful as your living room couch could be a tad heavy, and dropping it on yourself might not be a pleasant experience.

We’ve also seen a couple of star athletes partake in what’s called the ‘Toilet Paper Challenge’ last week, which involves kicking the toilet paper roll like a soccer ball but the trick is to not let it touch the floor.

Country Musician Tim McGraw and singer/dancer JLo have created their own trends. JLo was seen posting up the rules of the ‘Couples Challenge’ on her social media platforms with partner Alex Rodriguez. Tim McGraw went on to popularize the ‘Deep Catch Challenge’.

These social media challenges began to surface when people were requested to remain indoors amidst the Coronavirus pandemic said Taylor Loren, Head of Content Marketing at Later an Instagram marketing platform. Loren also stated that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have seen a tremendous increase in global usage.

On the other hand, social media platforms like TikTok, which currently have a mixed bag of reviews have been successful at keeping the youth entertained “We’ve seen a huge increase in TikTok content coming over to Instagram” said Loren.

Despite most challenges revolving around indoor based safe activities, which could be done during the quarantine period, certain challenges such as ‘Not Sober Challenge’ have, however, raised concerns among parents and guardians as alcoholic beverages have been the center of these challenges. Another challenge to cause outrage is the Coronavirus Challenge’ where participants were required to lick the toilet seat. We may perhaps see a social media ban on these detrimental challenges as it would raise a public health concern on top of hygiene issues.

For those who don’t see the amusing side of social media challenges, it may perhaps be a tad difficult to escape bumping into these on their walls. “it’s the modern-day chain mail” said Tiffany Zhong, Founder, and CEO of Zebra IQ. “I think this will go on for a while, there are many different branches and you’re always going to be tagged by someone, somewhere as things spread through different communities, circles, and categories”

So, best kick back and try out a challenge or two while it’s trending. Who knows, you might fancy it.

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